Mining Projects

Bukit Baiduri Energi

Our project with PT Bukit Baiduri Energi (BBE), a coal mining company founded since 1982, is located at Bangun Rejo village, Tenggarong Sebrang, Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The production in this area has been started by June 2009 to produce 6,195,800 Mt of coal during five years with the contract value of IDR 1.54 trillion.

Nuansacipta Coal Investment

On April 2011 we signed a 97.4 million USD contract of coal mining with PT Nuansacipta Coal Investment (NCI), a company that affiliated with Media Nusantara Citra Group (MNC). The contract is to produce 4.6 million Mt of coal within four years in the villages of Bentuas and Handil Bakti, Palaran region, Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

With a spirit accelerating revenue streams for the mine owner, our experienced team fastly mobilized the exclusive fleet preparing the site infrastructure. We started the production by May, 2011. We thank to all parties that has effectively collaborated starting the production on time.

Regisindo Trading

Near the location of our project at BBE, Tenggarong Sebrang, East Kalimantan, we also had a contract from PT Regisindo Trading to produce 400,000 Mt of coal for two years operation with the total value of about IDR 100,8 billion.