Berau Coal - Sambaliung

Coal Seam DH01

In line with the mission to build a sustainable capacity of the corporation, currently we have a joint operation of coal mining with PT Berau Usaha Mandiri (BUM) for a mining concession area of 500 ha that administratively located in kampong Sukan Tengah, district of Sambaliung, regency of Berau, East Kalimantan. Coal reserves covered in 3 (three) layers, seam C, D and E over 53 ha of the pit area has been proved about 5,600,000 mt. The reserves is considered quite large since the other potential seam in the concession area is still uncharted by further drilling.

Operating on the first pit area with the lowest stripping ratio (SR=4) as mapped in our mining design, initially we are going to produce 50,000 mt per month, and will be increased gradually up to 200,000 mt. The first coal production has been scheduled to be shipped to the buyer on the beginning of June this year.


40 km from Tanjung Redeb by Road

65 km from Tanjung Redeb boating through Segah River